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“Custom Audiences” Could Be The Next Big Thing

What is a "custom audience"? It's advertising to people who are already familiar to you. In other words, a custom audience is made up of a list of email addresses, or phone numbers, or physical addresses, etc. Facebook first tested a custom audience product back in 2013. Recently, it's been opened to the general public. The way the...
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Small Businesses Not Branding Themselves Are Missing Out

It’s much easier to land new customers when they already know who you are. Why do referrals work so well? Because people know who you are. Customwave is much more likely to land a new client when the client is already familiar with our name and who we are. Statistically speaking, when you're advertising on Google and people have...
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Normally, I keep my articles on the topics of internet marketing, but because we at Customwave have so many taxi and airport transportation clients, I felt that it's relevant to write about Uber. Right now, Uber is severely hurting the taxi industry. Why? Because of the way Uber hires independent contractors as drivers, they don't have to pay...
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