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Restoration Hardware bid on 3,200 keywords, found 98% of its PPC sales came from just 22 brand terms

One the best internet marketing stories I've read all year. That even internet marketing teams in big, publicly traded companies don't know how to do it. Take Hardware Restoration, who was spending countless dollars on search ads. And 98% of their sales were from consumers searching their company name. Only 2% were from consumers who...
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Report: The future of paid-search marketing is machine learning and AI

Some aspects of internet marketing are robot proof. Others aren't. Optimization work on campaigns will probably be overtaken with AI. But the aspect of internet marketing that is 100% robot proof is the interaction, communication and strategy part with the business owner (client). AI will never replace that. Click Here For Original Article:
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The PPC challenge of selling manufacturing capability vs. stock products

For those that write about internet marketing, this is the type of content we need more of. Content that tackles techniques and strategies for specific industries. Because every industry is different and what works for one industry might not work for another. Click Here For Original Article:
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