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Yelp increasingly cracking down on ‘review solicitation’ across the internet

What's the real reason Yelp doesn't want businesses to ask for reviews? Because Yelp needs some businesses to have bad reviews for it's website to have value. If every business listing on Yelp had all 5 star reviews, the website would have no value. There'd be no differentiater. So Yelp needs to insure some businesses...
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70% of consumers will leave a review for a business when asked

Positive Reviews and an overall good reputation online directly improve the conversion rate from website clicks to phone calls/emails/texts (leads). And this survey done by Bright Local shows most of the time, all you need to do is ask your customers. Especially for businesses spending a good amount of money on marketing and advertising, it's...
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People Do Not Like Stalker Ads

Have you ever gone to a website, leave the website, then see banner ads popping up all over the place for that website you've been on before? That happening is a new marketing technique called remarketing, which is great both for advertisers and consumers alike. I mean, if a consumer is going to have to...
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How To Market If Customers You’re Targeting Don’t Have Money

From time to time people ask me what's the biggest problem in internet marketing today in 2014. My response is that our client's customers are broke and don't have money. Now, it's not like this in every industry. Business executives still need airport transportation. People still need important packages delivered ASAP. But other industries like home...
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Taco Bell Creates Best Ad Campaign I’ve Seen In Awhile

People love drama. It's one of the main things that attracts us to movies and TV. We love watching conflict. This Taco Bell advertisement does all this in their latest ad campaign. When watching the commercial, I'm first thinking how clever Taco Bell was at finding people named Ronald McDonald. Then I wondered if it...
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