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This Is Why Search Engine Optimization Will Become Obsolete

Google continues it's push to make search engine optimization irrelevant. How is Google doing this? They continue to give more "above the fold" real estate to Google advertising. Thus pushing the organic, SEO driven results further down the page. Just recently, Google announced yet another line of text will be given to each Google ad in the...
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Breaking News: People Do Not Like Being Tricked!

Contently has done a study asking if people prefer traditional "banner ads" versus the trendy "native ads". For those that don't know the industry terminology, "banner ads" are regular website advertisements. It's a square or rectangle that's clearly an ad. "Native ads" are advertisements that are supposed to be similar to content on the page to trick...
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For My Fellow Marketers: What To Spend Your Reading Time On

For marketers trying to learn internet marketing, there’s a lot of junk out there. By junk, I mean worthless internet marketing content. There’s a lot of theories out there that don’t hold up in reality. There’s a lot of dated and obsolete techniques that don’t work anymore in 2014. There’s a lot of worthless information that doesn't bring...
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