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Google Favors Brands In SEO. So Make Your Small Business A Brand With Banner Ads.

What I'm about to write about covers a lot of ground, so I want to summarize everything here and then go into greater detail on each point in future blog posts. -The consensus in the SEO community is that Google more and more is favoring brands when it comes to search engine optimization. Danny Sullivan of...
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Facebook Ads & Twitter Ads Don’t Produce Sales Leads? Duh. CEO Darren Huston is quoted in Bloomberg in saying that spending money on Google ads has been great in increasing sales. But spending "an endless amount of money" on Facebook and Twitter, "there's nothing there." In other words, Google ads lead to increased sales. Facebook and Twitter ads don't. Why is that? First off, Facebook...
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Everybody Wants To Create Their Own Netflix Now

Last week, it was Sesame Street announcing their own version of Netflix...errr... digital TV service. Now comes a story from that AT&T is creating a $500 million joint venture to start their own Netflix....errrrr.... digital TV service. It's clear where the industry trend is heading. TV viewing is going digital and online. And everybody from providers...
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Taco Bell Creates Best Ad Campaign I’ve Seen In Awhile

People love drama. It's one of the main things that attracts us to movies and TV. We love watching conflict. This Taco Bell advertisement does all this in their latest ad campaign. When watching the commercial, I'm first thinking how clever Taco Bell was at finding people named Ronald McDonald. Then I wondered if it...
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“Barnacle SEO” Is The New SEO Fad

Smart people within the internet marketing industry know that the standard search engine optimization of the past has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Obsolete. So marketers are now trying new techniques to get their websites ranked organically on the 1st page. So besides great content, is there any way to do it? David Mihm Read more

Will Advertising Be Acceptable On Wearables Like Smart Watches?

With internet connected devices that we can wear like smart watches, us marketers are entering into new territory. The knee jerk reaction is you think "oh cool, another device people use to connect to the internet. Increases ad inventory. Expands reach. Possibly drives down cost. Cool deal." But how accepting will people be of advertising...
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