The current model that schools use is broken and obsolete. the idea that using technology to do work is somehow cheating is a joke. now schools have a bigger problem with the rise of AI, making it much more difficult to detect tech help. instead of rejecting tech as cheating, schools should be teaching application of it and better ways to use it. in internet marketing, there’s a ton of content on the subject. tons of data. but people pay me money for the application of it. tons of internet marketing stuff, but how the heck do you put it to use? that’s why i get paid. instead of students being forced to do work without tech, students instead should be figuring out what’s the best application of tech in getting the work done in the fastest and highest quality.

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Survey Says: People Would Rather Watch TV Shows on Computers than TVs

Survey Says: People Would Rather Watch TV Shows on Computers than TVs

…And cord cutting has just reached the tipping point. For the first time, more people surveyed said they preferred watching shows on their computer than the TV 42% to 23%. Mobile is at 13% Wow.

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Burger King’s new ad forces Google Home to advertise the Whopper

Pretty funny story. The scramble has begun to figure out how to leverage internet connected devices in the home.

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2 Screen Cell Phone! Sweet!

Sprint has a brand new “dual-screen” phone coming out called the Echo. It also folds over into a tablet like the ipad. Pretty innovative stuff from Sprint. Here’s hoping other manufacturers follow suit. There’s probably many multi-tasking opportunities to be had!

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Where Small Business Is Marketing Online

The following list is from a survey done by MerchantCircle on where small businesses are spending marketing dollars this year:

Facebook – 70.3%
Google – 66.2%
LinkedIn – 58.2%
Google Places – 51.4%
Yahoo – 49.2%
Yahoo Local – 45%
Twitter – 39.8%
Citysearch – 39.7%
Yellowbook – 39.3% – 33.3%
Bing – 33.2%
Yelp – 32.2%
Facebook Places – 32.2%
YouTube – 26.8% – 25.6% – 19.9%
MySpace – 19.2%
Foursquare – 8.7%
Groupon – 6.6%
LivingSocial – 5%
Gowalla – 3.4%
Bizzy – 2.5%

Google is not surprising, but Facebook and LinkedIn being #1 and #3 is. At least to me. My guess is that entrepreneurs hear about social media and figure “Why not? It’s Free.” From my experience though, most small businesses that have these social profiles set them up and let them sit there, hoping people automatically find it and call them. I hope word gets out that you need to actively use it and engage people for the whole thing to work. Social media marketing is not like the phone book where you stick an ad in and people call.

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Are You Ready For Internet Metering???

Yes, there wasn’t a typo in the subject title. Metering, not marketing. Metering, as in paying for internet based on consumption. Sounds great, right?! : )

As of right now there some muckity mucks in washington, more specifically the FCC, are toying around with the idea of having internet service providers charge based on how much content you download on the internet. Like, under a certain plan, you’d have a 20 GB limit per month. Doesn’t sound too bad until you think of the file size of online video (a high-def movie online can take up to 2-3 GB). So the basic premise is the more online video or music or other files you download or play, the more your internet will cost.

For those reading this, skeptical that something like this would take place, you need to look no further than north of the border. That’s right, this experiment has just been tried in Canada and boy, was it not pretty. The Calgary Herald reports that there have been over 220,000 signatures on a petition to reverse the internet metering. The article mentions a graphic designer who does freelance work professionally having to download large files everyday for his customers, finding his internet bill $34 higher than usual.

In the defense of the service providers, they’re in a scrambling sort of mode right now. Things were fine for them back when watching video online was a rarity, but now that video streaming has gone mainstream, they have a problem with dramatically higher bandwidth costs. And how do you charge more for the higher cost when you have a chunk of people who watch a ton of video versus those who use the internet sparingly. That’s the root of the problem.

Call me captain obvious, but my conclusion is that people loathe bills that have different prices every month for reasons beyond their understanding. I’m hoping that the service providers can take an average and charge a fair, fixed monthly price, without the government getting involved.

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Yes, They’re Going To Shop Around

Now, before i really get going on this post, I’m going preface by saying that i know nothing about cars. I have no clue how to change the oil. I know almost absolutely nothing about science. If you asked me what a proton or neutron was, I’d give you a look similar to a deer in the headlights. So…. I’m not a car guy. I’m not a scientist.

Another bit of information that’s come to my attention is that not all small business owners are salesmen.

The last few months, I’ve been more and more surprised by how some of our clients react to the phone call leads that we’ve been sending them. And the thing it always comes back to is our client’s disdain for the fact that the people we’re marketing to shop around. Mostly, i think this comes because the vast, vast majority of small business’ revenue comes from referrals and “word of mouth”. Or maybe it’s something else. Whatever the case, entrepreneurs need to be prepared to sell when people call. Or at least hire a professional sales rep who can’t handle the calls.

Talking with one of our web designers earlier, he was telling me about his experience looking for locksmiths. He needed to get a couple keys made. The first company he called quoted him $100 for the job and to the web designer, that was surprising, so he said thanks and called the next locksmith he could find hoping that there would be someone else out there with a better price. And sure enough on call #4 he found someone that was willing to do it for $70.

My main point is that if 10 calls come in from people you have no relationship with and they’re interested in your service, there are some companies out there that convert 7 sales out of the 10 calls. For entrepreneurs that are hoping to just get 1 or 2 sales out of 10 calls, maybe it’s time to think about your sales strategy and if there’s anyway you can improve what you or your sales rep is saying to increase sales. The only thing that’s more valuable than receiving more leads is converting more of the leads you already have into sales.

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Why I Started This Blog

For those who don’t know me well, i can be pretty blunt. Some would even say it’s one of my flaws. I just wanted to set the record straight on why i’m taking valuable time out of my day to blog about internet marketing.

Here’s reason #1: TO MAKE MORE MONEY. Yes, I did just say that. Again, if anyone who blogs says they don’t do it to make more money is fibbing. On this blog, you’ll always get my honest take. As a matter of fact, there’s a pretty good chance that whenever I blog, it’ll make some people mad. And that’s great! Because opinions are supposed to be polarizing.

Now, there are other reasons I’m blogging besides wanting to make more glorious profits. There’s a lot of information out there. Tons! Where do you even start?? And how do you even find the time to read it all?? And then there’s bloggers who write about junk because there’s nothing else to write about.

Here, i’ll blog 6 times a week only on the most important stuff that does matter. And in risking people thinking i’m arrogant, I’ll say that if i’m not blogging about it, it’s not important. Cheers : )

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