This is THE #1, HUGE, GOLDEN opportunity in internet marketing

This is THE #1, HUGE, GOLDEN opportunity in internet marketing: making video content for frequently asked questions, popping up in top 3 in all of Youtube, to build trust and brand. Mark my words, in the next 3-5 years, consumers will expect businesses and organizations to have video content the same way they expect you to have a website. And even today, people search on Youtube instead of Google because they want video for their search instead of a website. Look at this screenshot. I pop up #1 for “Why am I not on the 1st page of Google anymore”. It’s a term a lot of businesses wonder about. And look how it tricks people into thinking I’m a genius haha. Grab that open land on Youtube now. Gobble it up before everybody else does in the next few years. If long tail, specific searches are the future, it makes sense that if there is a video that addresses their search, a consumer could prefer that over a website.

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