The Future Of iPads And Other Tablets In Mobile Marketing

Emarketer has some interesting info on how tablets are starting to effect the internet marketing landscape. I think the most important survey in the article is the satisfaction in tablets for internet, email, and social media use versus satisfaction in smartphones.

On the surface, it might appear that the future of mobile internet is in tablets. The tablets do have an online experience almost exactly the same as a pc or laptop. But i think these results have more to do with companies not having websites optimized for smartphones. It’s impossible for me to believe that if the online experience was equal, people would rather lug around a tablet than just use the smartphone already in their pocket.

Another factor is the day when most people have 4G smartphones. The 4G will make a gigantic difference in playing video and downloading large files. The only difference between the tablet and the smartphone will be just the size in the screen.

Tablets are definitely here to stay, but i don’t see them in being as prominent and generating the traffic smartphones will.

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