Gallup: 62% Of People Polled Say Social Media Has No Influence In Purchasing Decisions

Gallup recently did a poll asking consumers how much influence social media has on their purchasing decisions. 5% said social media has great influence. 30% said some influence. But a whopping 62% said social media has no influence at all on purchasing decisions.

This is further evidence that social media marketing does not produce the results businesses think it will or hope it will.

Based on this poll, it shows that in actuality, there’s not much value in someone “liking” your business’ Facebook page.

My professional opinion is maintained that the value in social media is when a business owner himself networks with people, builds relationships, to get business.

The other value is brand advertising, but because people are confused in thinking the Facebook clicks are the same as Google clicks, the display advertising costs are overpriced and don’t have as much value.

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