US Senator Trying to Ban .sucks GTL Domains

If you haven’t heard, ICANN, the organization which is in charge of domain related stuff, has been creating what they call generic top level domains. So in other words, you can now buy domain names like or customwave.successful or

However, there’s a few GTL domains that have people wary and one of them is .sucks. Yes, lol as of now, you can buy So West Virginia’s senator Jay Rockefeller is out to try and ban it saying that there will be online trolls using the .sucks domains to shake down businesses. Building websites saying ___ company sucks and unless the business pays up, it’s going to remain up.

I think the intention is noble, but the senator won’t be successful in the long run. The internet is not big on censorship and even when it tries to be, there’s too many workarounds.

My best advice is for small businesses to be proactive in protecting their reputations and asking customers to leave positive reviews to combat negative reviews and .sucks websites and others like it.

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