What You Don’t Know About Email Marketing

Email Marketing. Doesn’t seem that complicated right? Take a list of email addresses, copy and paste them in. Come up with an email and send it out. Simple, right. Uhhhh, nope.

NEWSFLASH: The challenge in email marketing is making sure the emails land in the recipient’s inboxes. Why is this a problem? The service providers.

The service providers are the companies that operate people’s email. Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc. If you didn’t know, these companies operate email for people so they can sell advertising on their websites. Now, if their users (people who use the email) recieve spam consistently, they’re not going to tolerate it these days. The service providers do not want anything messing with their advertising dollars.

So they set strict guidelines. For every 500 emails that are sent out, sp’s require no more than 2 people marking the email as spam. If this happens, your email address becomes black-listed and any email that you try and send will either be not delivered or land right into people’s junk mail folder.So, it’s important that when doing email marketing, that you send email to your customers, people you have good relationships with.

Next week i’ll have a post on how you can do email marketing for people who don’t know you so you can generate new business.

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