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Yellow Pages Is Moving Away From Advertising Local Business, Starting to Target Nationwide Business

The people that run the different yellow pages companies are not stupid. They know their business model is dying and going obsolete. So it looks like they're starting to do something about it. Mike Blumenthal had some interesting stats today showing that the print, local yellow pages book is starting to have more big, nationwide...
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People Who Say They Can Get You On The 1st Page Of Google Guaranteed With SEO Are Lying

Search Engine Optimization is The New Pyramid Scheme. I am so sick and tired of search engine optimization. Mostly because I'm sick of clients coming to me saying that someone solicited their business and told them all these wonderful tales that if they do x, y, and z, they'll be on the first page of Google...
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Google’s Stock Price Hits $800 A Share. Facebook’s Stock Price Is $29 A Share.

There should be no question now on who the real internet juggernaut is. Google shares are at an all time high for 3 reasons: It has the biggest marketing network on the internet by monstrous proportions. The rise of internet-connected TV's which will increase the amount of searches. And the 600 millions smartphones that are out...
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Most Local Florists Are Leaving Money On The Table

It's like this in almost every small business industry. There's only so much supply of internet marketers and way too much demand of all the millions and millions of small businesses that need help in just the most basic internet marketing needs. I read an infographic by vsplash that showed that despite the rough economy,...
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Video Ads On Facebook The Solution For Advertisers?

The short answer: Nope. All Facebook is doing here is putting lipstick on a pig. I've said this many times. Facebook's problem is that it's website is not a destination for where people go when they're looking for things. Google is one of them. Even is one of them. Facebook's main problem is that the clicks...
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