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Podcast Advertising?

My prediction, people who make podcasts are going to start making money. How? Google's going to create an audio ad network. Spotify is already creating their own platform, but we all know Google would be the best to do it. Similar to their banner ad network. Where you have a website and get it connected...
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SEO in 2018

This is how to do SEO in 2018. Focus on lots of specific, quality keywords. Check out one of our clients. A King's Car Service in Minneapolis. They wanted to show up for Super Bowl keywords. And what makes them unique is they have a fleet of Teslas. So now they pop up #2 on...
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Accidental Clicks

Let us not forget the big reason search engines are better than banner ads: accidental clicks. Think about how many times in the past year you've clicked on a banner ad on purporse. And then think how many times you've accidentally clicked on one. Especially on your cell phone. Until this issue is figured out,...
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