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Gannett To Acquire Digital Marketing Software Company WordStream, Inc.

One of the bigger internet marketing companies has just been sold to newspaper company Gannett for $130 million. Not bad for having "thousands" of small business clients. Congrats! Click Here To Read The Entire Article:
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GMB? More Like DGAF!

No one should be surprised by this. Google favors big business in SEO because Google will get their ad money anyway. But by design, Google's goal is to decrease the amount of new customers small businesses get from SEO because Google wants said small business to have to pay for ads to get their customers....
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Look Ma, no keywords! Phrase-free AdWords campaigns are here

This new experiment Google is doing is no different than Adwords Express. Targeting by Google maps categories instead of keywords. It's the same thing as express. And it won't work because less targeting, equals less ROI. Targeting by these categories will be even worse than using broad match with no negative keywords. Google thinks businesses...
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