Zero Focus On The Biggest Potential Game Changer

For all the new bells and whistles Google is creating for advertisers and businesses, there’s been zero focus on the biggest potential game changer. Which is lowering cost of ads, which would make people more money off their ad dollars. But why would Google want to lower the ad cost? That’s the opposite of what they want. I feel there’s not enough excitement and focus from marketers to do this. To lower the cost of ads. All the buzz I see and read about is everything, except lowering the cost. It baffles me. Lowering the cost and making customers more money off of want their currently is the top, top, top, top thing that increases the marketers value. My theory is that not enough marketers realize they’re in the casino business. Where the only reason why somebody gives you money is because they hope to walk away with even more. But that could be a sign that too many marketers in the industry do not make their customers money because they lack skills, experience, knowledge, etc. So if you’re a marketer that struggles to make someone money, making someone money is not what you would want to focus on. Instead, the big buzz right now is on all kinds of identity ads. My main point is that this current climate creates oodles of opportunity for those marketers that are able to make people money. Because that’s the only thing business owners care about. They don’t care about native ads, or audience targeting, or evergreen content. They care about making more money. That’s it. Right now, ton of demand. Not enough supply of people that know how to do it.

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