52% of People Stop Using Twitter Because It’s “Pointless”

According to ExactTarget, 52% of people who’ve left Twitter and no longer use it, said they stopped “because it was pointless.” That’s a pretty strong rebuke. Primarily, the problem Twitter has is that everybody is on Facebook and only some people are on Twitter.

Twitter has close to 16 million people in the US who use it at least once a month. Facebook has close to 150 million. Twitter and Facbook are mostly tools to communicate and socialize. If the people who you want to communicate and socialize with aren’t using Twitter, there’s no reason for you to either.

The reason why people started using email is because after a few years, everyone gradually got on it and used it. That’s what makes email important. The number of people who use it.

Twitter will not be universally relevant until their user base increases dramatically.

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