Abandoning Competitve Keywords

I think ive had my first big business breakthrough of the year. ive learned to abandon keywords like “flooring” or “auto repair” in search engine advertising. i’ve learned that it’s too hard to differentiate between people looking for information on flooring or auto repair versus people looking for a flooring service or auto repair service. so we’re going to go more exact match with keywords like flooring service or auto repair company or flooring anaheim or auto repair fairfax. some industries are protected from this like airport transportation companies and moving companies. because consumers don’t look up info on how to do airport transportation. it’s obvious. consumers don’t have to learn how to do moving. it’s obvious. consumers don’t have to learn how to do courier jobs. obvious. but a bunch of people try and learn how to redo their own floor. or learn how to fix their car. or learn how to sell their house. so in doing search engine advertising, you really have to separate how you do targeting based on if there’s tons of consumers trying to learn how to do the service or learn about a product. i can’t emphasize enough how big of a deal is. it’s basically the difference between half of the clicks being junk and not.

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