Negative Reviews Can Be A Good Thing : )

Just got a bad review for your business?

Good. As long as you’re not getting too many of them, it will help you.

Have a lost my mind? Nope! Not yet.

The situation is that consumers are not stupid. They’re interested in seeing business reviews but they’re skeptical. A recent study from Northwestern University shows this.

Lots of businesses or people they hire will try and create fake reviews, all 5 stars to make themselves look good.

The truth is that you can’t get everybody to like you. Not even God can get everybody to like Him, so there’s not much point in the rest of us trying.

My premise here is that a couple of negative reviews can make the rest of your positive reviews authentic.

Obviously, the big caveat is that you have a have a lot of positive reviews for the negative reviews to be a good thing.

The thing I recommend to businesses is to have your website link to all the major review websites out there: Yelp, Google reviews, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages reviews, etc. Make it as easy as possible for customers to leave reviews.

I’d argue that having 8 good reviews and 2 bad reviews would be stronger than 10 good reviews and 0 negative reviews.

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