Breaking News: Facebook Includes Call Button In Banner Ads!

We haven’t tested this out yet, but it has the potential to be a really big deal.

Facebook is now including a call button in their banner ads on

It’s a big deal because there’s a way big inventory of advertising space through banner ads on websites throughout the internet as opposed to ads on search engines.

The banner ads are always less expensive per click. But they haven’t been as effective in producing phone calls.

The reason is because search engines advertise by intent. Someone does a Bing search and they type “sedan service jfk”, they have intent to make a reservation with a sedan service company to take them to JFK Airport in New York.

But banner ads advertise by people. Meaning you can set the banner ads to be targeted to fit different demographics like age, gender, job, interests, etc. But just because you advertise to people that are the type of people your customers are, it doesn’t mean they have intent or a need for your product or service.

However! If advertisers can pay for someone pushing on a call button on the banner ad, that changes everything!

That means instead of paying for 10 banner ad clicks and maybe getting 1 phone call, you could pay for 1 push on the call button and get 1 phone call.

Google has already rolled out call buttons on their search engine ads. My bet is that the Facebook ads are less expensive per push on the call button.

Meaning there’s potential for more phone calls for clients without having to charge more money.

Exciting times!

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