This Is Why You Can’t Do Email Marketing By Yourself

This Is Why You Can’t Do Email Marketing By Yourself

Some small business owners make a decision to do email marketing themselves.

They figure, I have the email addresses. I can type up an email. Maybe include a couple graphics. Why would I pay someone else to help me do this?

I would bet that a majority of people that do this are unaware of the main obstacle to this task which is known as deliverability. Meaning the challenge of email marketing is getting your email to land in someone’s inbox instead of their spam box.

Each IP, the industry abbreviation for internet provider, requires email marketers to follow the rules in the CAN-SPAM Act from 2003 on what you can and can’t do in your emails.

So chances are, if you’ve been doing email marketing yourself and weren’t aware of these rules, there’s a pretty good chance a large majority of people you’re trying to send email to, are not receiving the emails because they’re going to spam.

Even worse, repeat offenders can sometimes be blacklisted from sending email. In other words, if you become a repeat offender with AOL, AOL might choose to blacklist not only from sending email blasts to anyone with a “” email address. They might blacklist you altogether from sending individual emails to

I strongly recommend to small business owners that are serious about their email marketing tactics being successful, to work with professionals that know how to get emails to people’s inboxes. Which, of course, is something we at Customwave can help you with ; )

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