US Teens Use XBOX ONE & PS4 More For Internet Than Video Games

US Teens Use XBOX ONE & PS4 More For Internet Than Video Games

When I read the headline from eMarketer, I was stunned. The retail price of an XBOX One is $500 and the Playstation 4 is $400. Yet, teenagers are using these video game consoles more for internet use on their TV more than the video games themselves.

What this tells me is that their is tremendous demand for internet usage on the consumer’s TV. And it presents a tremendous opportunity for internet marketers and small businesses alike.

Back in the early 2000’s not many small businesses had websites. So getting one was a big deal and gave the business with a website a big advantage over the competition. Then around 2006-2008, we were getting to a point where most small businesses had websites, but not many were actively advertising and marketing their websites to get website visitors.

Fast forward to 2014 and virtually every small business desires to be on Google’s search engine in an attempt to market their website and try and get more business. But making money off Google has become more difficult with increased competition and limited real estate on Google’s first page.

I believe the new frontier for small businesses is in local, geo-targeted, banner advertising on websites throughout the internet. Right now, not many small businesses are doing it, but soon they will be.

And not only is there great opportunity because the advertising is inexpensive. Or from the lack of competition.

The opportunity is great because of the coming explosion of website traffic from people using the internet on their TV’s.

In the next 5 years, internet traffic and eyeballs on websites will skyrocket not only from mobile devices like cell phones and tablets, but also from people using the internet to watch their TV content.

And the more traffic there is, the more the cost of the advertising will be driven down due to such a large inventory of eyeballs.

This study from eMarketer illustrates the coming boom of online display, banner advertising.

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