Within 1 1/12 to 3 Years, There Will Be More Mobile Internet Users Than Computer Internet Users

T-Mobile and MetroPCS completed their merger today to become the 4th largest cell phone company in the country.

But the numbers that really stood out to me are the following:

-AT&T has 105 million subscribers, Verizon 99 million, Sprint 54 million and T-Mobile / MetroPCS has 43 million. That makes 301 wireless accounts in the US, not counting the smaller carriers.

-Some of the accounts are secondary accounts for some people so comScore and Nielsen, it looks like the number is around 250 million people with cell phones in the United States.

-According to comScore and Nielsen, 57%-60% of cell phone users now have smartphones that access the internet.

-So that would mean around 150 million people in America with cell phones that have internet access.

-Both research firms believe that as even more people get smartphones, that within 24-36 months, there will be more people that access the internet with a mobile device than a regular desktop computer or laptop. Stunning!

-According to IAB, in the total digital advertising and marketing spend in the county, only 9% of the money is dedicated to mobile internet marketing.

-In other words, advertising and marketing targeted for mobile internet use will be absolutely booming in the next 3-5 years.

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