No Steve Jobs = No More iPhone Dominance, Possibly No More Apple Dominance

I came across an article that has new data from a research company called Gartner that shows Apple has is being decimated by Android in the smartphone market.

Smartphone-Sales-to-End-Users-Feb-2013-GartnerObviously, the numbers that stick out are the ones showing the gigantic increase the Android has picked up in market share the last year.

Apple stock has been going down lately for a reason. Tim Cook is a solid CEO. A solid operations guy and leader within Apple. But he doesn’t capture the imagination or attention from people the same way Steve Jobs did. And he hasn’t proven that he can be a visionary and produce the next great product.

Apple’s top problem is not that they don’t produce great products. They do. The problem is just that the competition has caught up. And Apple is forever without the guy that lead them to such dominance in the first place. It’ll be interesting to see if sales start to decline in their other top products.






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