Advertising on Internet Radio Looks Promising

There’s lots of different ways to market and advertise on the internet these days. Today I looked at an article on emarketer about avertising on internet radio shows. It indeed looks promising. There’s tons of internet radio shows that are out there looking for advertisers. And for some reason, us in the internet marketing industry have been ignoring it.

Analysts project that the internet radio audience is going to growing rapidly over the next 3 years because the internet offers way more options of what to listen to then the radio. Plus, you don’t have to listen live and can download the podcast or mp3. For people that are currently advertising on internet radio, they say the sales bump they get is modest, but that’s it’s beneficial in the long run because they get to attach their brand to the particular show.

Just as there are companies and programs out there that track website stats and call tracking, there will be companies that emerge that are able to track stats on internet radio and what happens when the ad is played. The more data and stats advertisers have access to, the more they can make adjustments and help increase sales.

Ultimately I think internet radio is an untapped niche that not a lot of people know about and if you have any marketing dollars you can afford to experiment with, internet radio could be way more appealing than social media or seo or something like that.

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