Does Your Business Need Google+?

Lately, I’ve been seeing people in the industry talking to small business owners about Google+ and it’s the next big thing and if you can get your business on it. there’s a big opportunity to increase sales.


In order for Google+ to bring you in more business, there needs to be people actively using it. As of right now, people have set up Google+ accounts, but they don’t spend any time on it. Most people are still loyal to Facebook and kill their time there.

What’s the value of being on Google+ right now? Really, there isn’t any value in being on there.

I believe that most people misunderstand the value in social media marketing. I should right a blog post in the future about it, but for now I’ll say that the value is in building relationships with people. Just like in the real world when you network. I see people creating posts on Facebook selling, trying to spur up conversation and those people that do that are better off just going to the beach or watching TV. Again, a topic for another day.

Something that sickens me is that you have “internet marketing companies” advertise Google+ to small business as if they “need” to be on it. That it will “increase” visibility. It’s garbage. They’re just trying to make more money and take advantage of the small business owner’s lack of knowledge in internet marketing.

Google+ will only be valuable to be on when there are millions of people that spend tons of time on it. Right now, that time has not arrived yet. Therefore, I would say the current value of being on Google+ is in the pennies.

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