People Now Prefer To Shop On Mobile Devices More Than PC’s

PRNewswire says that according their survey, shopping on mobile devices has become more popular than shopping on regular computers. The numbers are actually pretty staggering. 49% say they still prefer the in-store experience, however 35% say they prefer shopping from their mobile device and only 16% preferring shopping on regular computers.

For companies selling product on shopping carts, it would appear already that having an e-commerce website optimized for mobile devices can no longer be ignored. Let me state once again that based on the #’s above, any company that does not have a shopping cart tailored for cell phones and tablets is missing out potentially on 66% of the audience.

Other alarming mobile news:

Surprise! 89% of people use mobile internet inside their home. Well, you might not have been surprised, but i certainly was. With pretty decent internet access on our cell phones, i figured that surely these devices would be most popular with people outside the home. But low and behold, Nielsen and Yahoo are reporting that people say they’re more likely to use mobile internet in the home than outside of it. Out of the 89%, 71% say that they use mobile internet in the home as a “second screen” while watching TV.

Then emarketer writes that tablets are becoming household fixtures. 77% of people say that because of the tablets, they’re using their personal computers less. And with the looming threat of “internet tv”, cable companies like Time Warner are now giving subscribers with tablets them ability to watch content from their TVs on their tablets.

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