The #1 Reason Paid Ads (On Search, Social, and Display) Fail

This is why there’s no McDonald’s of internet marketing. It’s hard. Changes all the time. And then there’s people that are experts in certain fields that are not as smart in other areas. Take Rand Fishkin. Brilliant when it comes to SEO and software. But not so much with advertising. I was agreeing with the 1st half of his article on why online ad campaigns fail. His premise is low engagement which equals over paying for clicks. Now, I don’t think low engagement is #1. It’s a¬†factor. #1 for me on why ad campaigns fail is people using broad match with not enough negative keywords getting the wrong people to the website. But I totally disagree with Fishkin’s solutions to fix low engagement. He says companies should spend money to build their brand first. I mean, yeah, you could do that and it would work, but there’s so many simpler things you could do first like add a promotion into the text of the ad. Or set really low bids with a lot of keywords. Or better relevance in the ad in relation to the keywords you’re bidding on. All these things can lower cost of clicks without spending extra money on branding.

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