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Forecast: Digital advertising pulling away from TV on global basis

Internet marketing is a great industry to be in. 2017 was the first year more money was spent on digital ads than TV ads and this research firm is saying there will be even greater difference in the next 2 years. Click Here To Read The Entire Article:
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Google Play Instant lets app marketers offer game trials for free on Android devices

Very smart of Google to "stream" apps to let consumers demo them without downloading them. But don't forget Google's grand plan is to maybe get consumer behavior to do "app streaming" instead of app downloading. Google would prefer consumers stream instead of download. Why? Because if you download an app, you don't need Google anymore...
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Google expanding YouTube Director onsite video ad service to more than 170 cities

I think the word game changer is now cliched and watered down. But this program YouTube is launching could be a game changer to help small business produce the video content that some consumers prefer over actual websites. Click Here To Read The Entire Article:
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Bringing search intent to video: Google extends custom intent audiences to YouTube, launches TrueView for Action ads

Now this could be interesting. Video ads on YouTube. But the new targeting feature Google rolled out could be based off what keywords people recently searched on google. So if you recently searched, "airport transportation lax" into Google, it means that an airport trans company could roll it's ad to that person when they watch...
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