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Want To Do Better In SEO? Target Products. Target Keywords Other Marketers Aren’t Targeting.

Chris Silver Smith at Search Engine Land has generously shared a brilliant idea to help in SEO (search engine optimization). In a nutshell, he says that when doing local SEO, instead of targeting a keyword that represents an industry like "hardware store los angeles", he says to target keywords that represent products like "ball point...
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Had A Bad Experience Marketing On Google? The Problem Is There’s Not Enough People That Know What They’re Doing.

The biggest problem in internet marketing is that there aren't enough people that know what they're doing. Wall Street Journal recently put out an article detailing how big companies like Reach Local and Yodle are good at acquiring small business clients, but then the actual campaign work is done by automated software. And then when the...
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Are Filters The Future Of Search Engines?

Last Friday, Google announced a new filter that comes along with their search engine for when you're searching for local restaurants. The different options within the filter allow people to search for restaurants within their price range, whether the user only wants restaurants with good reviews to pop up, what food you want, and (my favorite)...
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Google Favors Brands In SEO. So Make Your Small Business A Brand With Banner Ads.

What I'm about to write about covers a lot of ground, so I want to summarize everything here and then go into greater detail on each point in future blog posts. -The consensus in the SEO community is that Google more and more is favoring brands when it comes to search engine optimization. Danny Sullivan of...
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Taco Bell Creates Best Ad Campaign I’ve Seen In Awhile

People love drama. It's one of the main things that attracts us to movies and TV. We love watching conflict. This Taco Bell advertisement does all this in their latest ad campaign. When watching the commercial, I'm first thinking how clever Taco Bell was at finding people named Ronald McDonald. Then I wondered if it...
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