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Small Businesses Not Branding Themselves Are Missing Out

It’s much easier to land new customers when they already know who you are. Why do referrals work so well? Because people know who you are. Customwave is much more likely to land a new client when the client is already familiar with our name and who we are. Statistically speaking, when you're advertising on Google and people have...
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Google Links To Apps Instead Of Websites On Android For Musicians. Will This Happen For Other Industries?

Google's latest tinkering of their ecosystem is particularly noteworthy. Recent studies have shown that close to 90% of people access the internet on their cell phones with apps rather than actual browsers. So like, if someone wanted to go to, they're more likely to just tap on the Google app than open up their browser and...
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People Do Not Like Stalker Ads

Have you ever gone to a website, leave the website, then see banner ads popping up all over the place for that website you've been on before? That happening is a new marketing technique called remarketing, which is great both for advertisers and consumers alike. I mean, if a consumer is going to have to...
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How To Market If Customers You’re Targeting Don’t Have Money

From time to time people ask me what's the biggest problem in internet marketing today in 2014. My response is that our client's customers are broke and don't have money. Now, it's not like this in every industry. Business executives still need airport transportation. People still need important packages delivered ASAP. But other industries like home...
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Want To Do Better In SEO? Target Products. Target Keywords Other Marketers Aren’t Targeting.

Chris Silver Smith at Search Engine Land has generously shared a brilliant idea to help in SEO (search engine optimization). In a nutshell, he says that when doing local SEO, instead of targeting a keyword that represents an industry like "hardware store los angeles", he says to target keywords that represent products like "ball point...
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Had A Bad Experience Marketing On Google? The Problem Is There’s Not Enough People That Know What They’re Doing.

The biggest problem in internet marketing is that there aren't enough people that know what they're doing. Wall Street Journal recently put out an article detailing how big companies like Reach Local and Yodle are good at acquiring small business clients, but then the actual campaign work is done by automated software. And then when the...
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