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Aaron Wall On SEO

I still enjoy reading the most sour guy in internet marketing, Aaron Wall. This is his summary on his home page of what you get from SEO hahahahaha: WHAT YOU GET When you SEO -Totally Arbitrary selective ex-post-facto enforcement of guidelines! -LendUp's doorway pages: still rank -Monopolistic bundling. -Justification for duplicity. -Scrape-n-displace. -Endless fearmongering. -Wild algorithmic swings. -Soul-crushing uncertainty. -Responsive AMP Plus HTTPS ......
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Having Success In SEO

For anybody that wants to have success in SEO, you need to produce results when clients pay you. Seems obvious. But take the latest industry craze. Making sure a client's info is correct on all directory listings. Yes, the search engines like it if your NAP (name, address, phone #) is consistent on all directories....
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Abandoning Competitve Keywords

I think ive had my first big business breakthrough of the year. ive learned to abandon keywords like "flooring" or "auto repair" in search engine advertising. i've learned that it's too hard to differentiate between people looking for information on flooring or auto repair versus people looking for a flooring service or auto repair service....
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