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I Think People Underestimate How Many People Are On The Internet

What I'm about to say is more theory on my part than actual fact. I think when people think of reaching an enormous amount of people, they think of TV. I'm just here to share how many people have been on entertainment related websites in January 2014. Nielsen says that the number is 167 million...
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Apps Take Up 90% Of Internet Time On Smartphones, Browsers Take Up 10% On Smartphones

To me, this report from Nielsen shows that people might know what the internet is. They might know that their cell phones now connect to the internet. They definitely know what Google is. They've figured out how to download apps on their cell phone. But this report shows people still aren't comfortable navigating the...
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Google Finally Unveils “Smart Watches” That Connect To Internet

They're finally here!! Google finally has unveiled it's much anticipated "smart watch". Watches that little display screens that act like mini computers. Even smaller than cell phones! We've already seen how much smart phones have taken off. So it'd be a wise assumption that the US consumers will adopt the watches in the same...
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Marketers Win By Interpreting Change

Very thought provoking article on marketing: American Express CMO Jon Hayes explains that marketers win not by having best technology or knowing how to talk to consumers the best. He says marketers win when they're able to best interpret changes in technology to figure out how best to use it. And interpreting changes in...
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By End of 2015, Half Of Google’s Search Advertising Money Will Come From Cell Phones

By the end of 2015, half of Google's search advertising money will come from clicks from smartphones. Soon after that, the majority of their money will come from smartphones. And everyday, I see some small business have a website that doesn't show up properly on a cell phone. Let me make myself clear: how...
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